Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services US

October 15 - 16, 2015

Hyatt Regency, Jersey City, New Jersey

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Are you Ready for the Next Generation Customer?

Whilst many financial services companies know that the key to competitive success in the industry is their customer experience, many are missing the opportunity to develop a customer strategy that is truly reflective of the customers needs. Increasing amounts of data, rapidly evolving technology and rising customer expectations mean delivering a consistent and holistic customer experience is paramount to the success of the industry as whole.

So how do you connect the dots and deliver an excellent customer experience?

This Exchange is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn lessons from the most successful financial institutes in the field. In just two days out of the office you’ll save months and potentially years of strategy heartache.

Join North America’s leading minds in customer and brand experience to discuss:

  • Effectively managing the migration to online and mobile banking
  • Extracting maximum value from social media to ensure a holistic customer experience
  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment
  • Implementing appropriate processes and channel strategies to counter changes in consumer behaviour
  • Moving from 'big data' to actionable insight to drive continuous business improvements
  • Embedding customer centricity through effective people engagement, motivation and training

If you are passionate about securing the future of your business through the customer experience you provide, if you have ideas to share, opinions on what needs to change and an ability to make things happen, then the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services is the event for you.

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  • Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services 2014 Post Event Report
    Take a look at the 2014 Post Event Report to gain access to exclusive interviews, presentations as well as insights into the Agenda and much more!
  • Customer Experience LeadersCustomer Experience Leaders' Top 10 Investment Priorities
    Ahead of the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services, we surveyed our elite group of customer experience leaders attending the event to understand their biggest customer experience challenges, and which tools and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 12 - 18 months to build customer trust and drive profitable growth with a holistic customer experience strategy
  • Saving the world one customer at a time!Saving the world one customer at a time!
    Download this exclusive comic book to find out what our customer experience heroes have to say including:
    - Barclay’s Global MD of Client Services sharing her insights on what the Holy Grail of Customer Experience may be;
    - Alphacard’s COO discusses redefining customer experience from the bottom up; and
    - First Gulf’s SVP Consumer Experience explains some of the key elements to integrating the customer into the DNA of the business.
  • Bank 2.0: Get Ready for the New Era of Engagement Banking

    We live in a web 2.0 world. Your customers are used to a superior online experience, they get that with Google, Facebook and Apple, and they also expect that from their bank. In this presentation Peter Chapman, Principal Fintech Strategist, Backbase walks you through the key trends driving the new era of engagement banking, and with the use of real world examples, he shows Bank 2.0 best practices for both online and mobile banking.

  • Engaging Customers through Digital Banking

    Customers want flawless and logical communication with their banks when and where they need it, be it in-branch, on the phone or through a mobile device. This presents a plethora of challenges, not only when managing huge volumes of customer data from multiple contact points, but also when providing a coherent interaction with the customer across many channels. With more and more people turning to online channels, the need to ensure that customers have a seamless and easy experience online can be a major differentiator for your business.

    In this keynote presentation, Ali Hussain, SVP Digital Customer Experience, Citi provide you with the secrets you need to harness the power of multiple channels, and use them to your advantage when interacting with customers.

  • What you Really Ought to Know about Putting the Customer First and Driving Customer Centricity in Your Organization

    Everyone knows the key to success is delivering an excellent customer experience. In theory, delivering this for your customers should be easy. After all, customers only want a few basic things. They want their problems solved quickly, easily and fairly with their financial service provider being fully transparent. If only it really was that simple.

    With the ever changing and increasing demands of the customer, delivering an excellent customer experience strategy is becoming harder than it’s ever been. Customers have more and more control over how they choose to interact with their financial services.

    Jim Rees, Vice President, AIG covers exactly what is needed to ensure a customer-centric approach is applied across your business. This isn’t the soft stuff. This is about driving profitable growth within your business through an excellent customer strategy.

  • Case Study: Breaking the Silo’s in your Organization to Better Drive Customer Experience

    Nancy Porter, SVP, Marketing & Sales, Monarch Bank presents on how challenging the norm in the financial industry, and how by making a number of straightforward changes to protocols, you have the ability to make huge strides in both your customer experience score, and your perception in the market. Monarch Bank is a testament to this. Ranked in the as one of the top 100 US banks by SNL Financial, Nancy Porter talks through some of the initiatives she has implemented to excel her corporation to success, including integrating the employee training remit into the marketing department.

  • Exclusive Interview with Dan Balistierri, Vice President, Global Service & Experience, MasterCard

    In this exclusive interview Dan discusses which aspects of a loyalty scheme attributes most to a great consumer experience, how the financial sector is dealing with an increasingly digital world and which are the most important elements when designing a great omnichannel strategy. Dan also shares the three most important aspects of a customer experience strategy that financial services need to focus on specifically and looking into the crystal ball to where Financial Services will be in 5 years time.

  • Interview with Kelly Harper, BMO Financial Group, Director Customer Experience Learning

    Kelly shares her thoughts on what the financial services sector need to do to help rebuild trust from their customers, how BMO Financial Group leverage their customer experience strategy to achieve a competitive advantage and what are the three most important aspects of a customer experience strategy that financial services need to focus on specifically.

  • Exclusive Interview with Nancy Porter, SVP, Marketing & Sales, Monarch Bank

    Nancy sat down with the Customer Management team to discuss how combining the marketing, sales and training budgets under her remit has helped Monarch deliver a great experience, the secret to delivering an award winning customer experience and what types of initiatives Monarch integrate to ensure the customer is always at the heart of their employees

2015 Speakers Include

Donna Peeples
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Ali Hussain
SVP, Digital Customer Experience
Citizens Bank
Natalie Higgins
VP Consumer Experience
Citizens Bank
Shari Gottheim
VP, Customer Experience
New York Life Insurance
Markus Reinmund
VP, Customer Experience
New York Life Insurance
BMO Financial Services
Kelly Harper
Director of Customer Experience Learning
BMO Financial Services
CUNA Mutual Group
Alan Bergstrom
Director, Brand and Customer Services
CUNA Mutual Group
Monarch Bank
Nancy Porter
SVP, Marketing & Sales
Monarch Bank
Megan Burns
VP, Principal Analyst serving Customer Experience Professionals
Maura Hunter
SVP, Customer Experience
Anthony Gibbs
Regional Director

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